The last time they toured together, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw shattered records, so when they announced they’d be teaming up again for a string of Australian dates next year, American promoters — and plenty of American fans — were hoping it’d be the prelude for a stateside sequel.

Better start saving up for those plane tickets now, though, because McGraw and Hill say their Australian shows will be the only ones they do together in 2012.

“We’ll only be touring together next year in Australia,” Hill revealed during a recent interview, saying that “I’ve always wanted to perform there, and now it’s the right time. I have great fans there.”

“When our manager brought up the idea of tour again together [in Australia] we didn’t think twice about it,” said McGraw, adding that their affection for Australia made the dates a natural fit. “We had so much fun as a family, we loved the crowd response and we loved the people in Australia and our kids had a great time.”

The duo went on to discuss their singing chemistry, with McGraw analyzing their vocal blend. “She is the best there is. She is in an elite class of singers, I’m not even the same room as her when it comes to vocal talent,” he insisted. “But our chemistry really works — the roughness of my voice and the power of her voice. She comes from a soul, R&B influence and I come from a 70s, southern rock influence, but strangely the combination works great.”

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