We decided to come up with some tips on the best ways to enjoy the premier country celebration in the United States. Check out our five ways to get the most out of your experience. So, in no particular order.....

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    Park and Ride

    Now, there's very little doubt that one of the BEST things about Wyoming is the distinct lack of traffic issues. But when it comes to an event like Frontier Days, traffic can be an issue. So, why even worry about it? CFD Park-n-Ride Shuttle service can be accessed off I-25 exit 10B on Happy Jack Road (Wyo. 201), south of Frontier Park. The shuttles will take you wherever you need to go in the park.

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    Be Prepared for Wyoming Weather

    You know the old expression, "If you don't like the weather in Wyoming, just wait 5 minutes. It'll change." Well that's a possibility at CFD, too. As a truly wonderful friend of mine said, "The range of weather during Cheyenne Frontier Days include hot, monsoon, wind and possibly snow". A bit of an exaggeration, but not much. Plan on western wear to help you out most here. But be ready to dress in layers and carry a jacket, especially for the night-time events. If it's too warm, just start peeling off the layers. Oh, and remember to bring enough sunscreen for everyone in your party.

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    Don't Forget the Free Stuff!

    A great family event doesn't necessarily have to cost a lot of money. Cheyenne Frontier Days has plenty of events that are absolutely free for the many visitors to enjoy free. Since this is a top 5 post, I'll just list 5 free events 1. Some of the coolest parades west of the Mississippi. 2. The Indian Village 3. Wild Horse Gulch 4. The pancake breakfasts 5. The Air Force Thunderbirds. These are in no particular order. Many, many more can be found at cfdrodeo.com.

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    It's Not Just Happening at the Park

    Sure, Frontier Park is the center of most Cheyenne Frontier Days' activities. But there are many, many events going on around town. Check out the party at the Depot Plaza. You'll be able to enjoy downtown gun-fights and the melodrama at the Atlas, too. Fridays on the Plaza are absolutely free and just add to the festive feeling of all that's going on in the Capitol city. Again, for more free stuff, visit cfdroadeo.com. And as always, the friendly CFD volunteers are there to cheerfully answer any questions you might have.

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    Patience CAN be a Virtue

    Many locals know this, but it may come as a surprise to visitors; Cheyenne Frontier Days are the success they are because of hundreds of tireless volunteers. Thousands and thousands pass through the many events and all of those events are staffed by local volunteers. I guess I'm making that point to emphasize that even the best laid plans can and do go awry. So, if you're at an event, rodeo, parade, show, what-have-you that's running behind...just relax. Things always right themselves and the fun always returns.

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