While our Mars Rover is already on the surface of red planet and mankind endeavors to get humans there too, We can see it at it’s best this weekend, as it will be “in opposition,” or being totally on opposite sides of the earth from the sun.

Fraser Cain via YouTube

This 50 second video explains it very well.

At its furthest, Mars is 226 million miles away when it’s orbit takes it to the other side of sun. At its closest, about 35 million miles away from Earth, it will be easily visible to the naked eye, which it will be Sunday night, May 22, 2016, weather permitting.

As the sun is setting, you’ll see Mars rising in the south eastern sky. Mars will look like a red star just to the upper right of the full moon. Mars will be bigger and brighter than usual, “in opposition,” as happens every 28 months.


Look to the skies for a great view of our planetary neighbor. There's a wealth of knowledge about space at Harry C. Vaughan University of Wyoming Planetarium in Laramie.