When making your 2019 resolutions, did you write down that you wanted to read more? So did I! As a kid, I often had my nose stuck in a book, but I've noticed that I read far less than I should as an adult. There have been several months in the last year that I haven't even gotten around to reading my book club book. I usually turn to the Albany County Public Library's Winter Reading Challenge to help kickstart my reading, but unfortunately, the library's annual reading challenge has been postponed, and will likely not be taking place until this summer.

Fortunately, there are multiple challenges that can be found to help occupy your reading time between now and the start of ACPL's 2019 reading challenges. If you find the number of books on these lists intimidating, you can always make your own list or set a goal for a total number of books read in 2019 by setting up a GoodReads account (or in my case, actually using the one that's been established).

Most items have several challenge items, including a book being turned into a movie, a book published in 2019, and a book from NPR's Best Books of 2018 list. Links to each challenge can be found in the list item headlines. Happy reading!

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    Popsugar 2019 Challenge

    Entertainment website Popsugar has been putting together their annual reading challenge since 2015. In celebration of their 5th annual list, the site added 10 "advanced" tasks for especially daring and/or ambitious readers in addition to the standard 40 challenge items. Challenge items on this list include: Favorite prompt from a past challenge, a book published in 2019, and a book that makes you nostalgic.

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    Bookish 2019 Challenge

    With 52 items, this challenge is a serious undertaking for even the most avid of readers, averaging out at one book a week. Although some of the challenge items, such as a book under 220 pages might ease some of the stress. More challenge items include: a book by an author you've met, a book you were given as a gift, and a book set in a city you've visited.

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    Modern Mrs. Darcy Challenge

    For those that have trouble keeping track of the books you've read over the year, the Modern Mrs. Darcy Challenge might be the one for you. This challenge is a bit more self-guided, with prompts such as: a book outside your comfort zone, and a book by an author who is new to you. The site also offers book recommendations to help readers find the book they'd like to read next.

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    The Nerd Daily Challenge

    Another 52 book challenge, this one is recommended for serious readers. There is a note on the challenge page though, that the challenge can be used simply as a guide to help readers find their next book. Challenge items include: a book recommended by family, a book older than you, and a book to being adapted into a 2019 television series.

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    Epic Reads Challenge

    Last, but certainly not least, is the Epic Reads 2019 challenge. For those not up to the full 52 book challenge, the site also offers monthly and quarterly challenges. To join the challenge, readers should sign up through the challenge's Facebook group. Challenge items will be sent out via newsletter, so I wasn't able to find any sample items. However, the Facebook group allows you to connect with other readers worldwide about the books chosen for the challenge, which sounds like fun!

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