There are holidays for the mothers and fathers, siblings, cousins, grandparents, girlfriends and surprisingly, even in-laws, but the boyfriends often get overlooked. That's why annually on October 3rd, it is National Boyfriend Day! Here are a few easy, but promise to be appreciated things you can do for that special man in your life.


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    Treat Him To A Nice Dinner Out

    There are plenty of 4 and 5 star rated restaurants throughout the state. Show your man how much he means to you by taking him to one. A well fed man is a happy man.

    For a list of awesome restaurants in Wyoming, click here.

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    Treat Him To A Movie... His Choice!

    This one might seem like it's on the "cheap" side, but money isn't everything. A lot of men sit through chick flicks just to make their significant other happy. Take your man to see a new action movie or martial arts film and stay awake for the entire thing. Easy little things like this go a long way.

    For a list of movies playing in Wyoming, click here.

  • Mark Stout
    Mark Stout

    Treat Him To A Brew

    Some men enjoy a good locally produced beer. Why not take the love of your life to taste test a few!

    For a list of breweries in Wyoming, click here.

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    Treat Him To A Fishing Trip

    The Cowboy State is famous for some of the best fishing in the country. Now is a great time to hit the water with your bae, before it gets to cold.

    For a list of great places to fish in Wyoming, click here.

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    Treat Him To You!

    When your man gets home from a hard day at work, why not be waiting for him in a little something sexy? A surprise like this will make him remember exactly why he choose you and you're sure to make his day!

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