We all know that the Cheyenne area Airbnbs are going through the roof right now with Cheyenne Frontier Days looking us straight in the face. But, how much of a big business is it, really? Across the board, at people in Cheyenne raking in the dough with their Airbnbs?

Fortunately, in a release from Airbnb, they tell us just how much our friends are making off the homes that they're putting up. Not individually, you can look that up on their site, but collectively. How much is that adding to our local economy?

During Cheyenne Frontier Days alone, local Airbnb hosts in Cheyenne collectively made over $500,000! That's big business! The typical host earned around $2,500 for just one week(July 23rd-August 1st).

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I know every time I see a home up for rent during CFD week, I always have the thought, "I could do that". Well, the stats are in and we can see what kind of money people in Cheyenne are making off of Cheyenne Frontier Days, maybe it's not a bad weekly hustle. I mean, I get the reservations on putting your home out there, you'll have strangers in your home for a week, but I think the pros may outweigh the cons in this situation.

If you're wondering what the average Airbnb is going for at this moment for CFD, out of about 20 Airbnbs that are available you're looking at $500 a night. So, that's a pretty good amount to rake in for one week. I mean, Airbnb takes their fees, but there is still a lot of meat on the bone after that.

Let's take a look at a couple of Airbnbs that were up for grabs for CFD.

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