I have an iPhone 4s and I still don't know all the things that this phone is capable of doing.  Then today I stumbled upon a pretty cool trick and I've been asking around the office and no one knew you could do this with their iPhone and I'm guessing you might not know about it either.

Here is the trick and it's great for taking photos at sporting events or whenever there is a lot of activity and you want to capture it a quickly as possible.

Go in camera mode like you're going to take a photo. Now, instead of touching the on the screen photo button to take a picture, press and hold down the "Volume down" button on the side of the phone.

Your iPhone will take a burst of pictures, about 10 per second. This is perfect for sports or something that's happening really fast.

If you learned something new, be sure to share this with your friends and happy picture taking!!

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