The Big Boy Steam engine was on his way to Laramie when a sudden derailment caused a delay near Rawlins, WY. The train was put back on track (literally) and is now only slightly behind schedule for its appearance in the Gem City today, May 17.

The Steam Engine is the world's largest operating steam-powered locomotive. While it was moving slowly, two of the axles of the driver fell off of the rails around 2:15 pm yesterday in Rawlins. Union Pacific employees worked to get the drivers back onto the rails, which took until 5:20 pm on Thursday.

Previously, the trains came through Laramie on May 4th to a crowd of thousands. Next, the train will be staying two nights in the Gem City, leaving Laramie at 8:00 am on May 19th.

Get more information about Big Boy on the Union Pacific page for the historic locomotive.

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