Did president Teddy Roosevelt actually write about BIGFOOT?

It sounds like he did when he wrote a strange story about a hunter named Bauman in his book The Wilderness Hunter. 

In the story, Teddy Roosevelt considers himself lucky that he never came across the creature himself.

The story was told to Roosevelt by a weather-beaten old mountain hunter, named Bauman, who was born and had passed all his life on the frontier.

In the mid-1900s Bauman and a companion were setting traps on a trail near Montana Wisdom River. This is the same trail where another trapper had been found half-eaten.

In this video, you can hear how Roosevelt wrote the story.

They return to their camp and found it had been demolished. Big footprints of something that walked on two legs were around the camp.

That night Bauman woke to the “wild-beast odor”. He saw a tall body, man-like but it seemed to have fur. It was standing there in the dark, not far off, looking at the men.

He stood and shot his rifle into the dark shape. The thing rushed away making a loud noise as it fled. The men did not get much sleep that night.

The men decided to give up their trapping expedition. In the morning they went to inspect their traps. They each went their own way.

Adrian Erickson/ABC News via YouTube
Adrian Erickson/ABC News via YouTube

Later, Bauman returned to camp himself to find his friend’s dead body. His neck was snapped, and four fang marks could be seen.

Bauman believed that the creature was something half human, half devil.

He packed up, got out of there, and never returned to the area.

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