In Wyoming, we exist where multiple apex predators compete for dominance. That reality was on display at Yellowstone National Park recently as a black wolf decided to challenge a resting Grizzly. He would eventually regret it.

Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures shared this interesting video on their Facebook page recently. NOTE: they mentioned that this encounter was captured using massive zoom lenses and advise that you should never attempt to get this close to dangerous wildlife like this.

We've seen wolf packs challenge grizzlies when they're trying to take over or recover a kill as one famous encounter documented a couple years ago.

Why would a lone wolf attempt to instigate against a huge grizzly? I'd have to wonder if the wolf pack had a kill nearby and he was trying to establish dominance over that area and discourage the grizzly from taking over. As an article on Whiskey Riff mentioned, Yellowstone grizzlies are known to take over wolf kills 80% of the time.

This showdown ended with both animals eventually going their own way without a fight. It's another example of the wild ecosystem in Yellowstone where these predators carve out their own territory to exist in.

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