Travel site recently did an article on “The Best Movie That Takes Place in Every State.” They said it's about the “films that represent a state’s place in the nation’s consciousness.” For Wyoming, we asked if you think that movie is truly, “Brokeback Mountain?” What do you think the overwhelming response was, among a total of 135 votes? That would be no.

I mean it’s not exactly the same as “The Wizard of Oz,” like they picked for Kansas, if Thrillist was looking for the picture of each state’s “identity.” They did, however, pick some good ones for the 49 other choices; just not ours it seems, not “Brokeback Mountain.”

No, not at all. …………… 88.15 Percent

Yes, it's a great film. ……. 8.15  Percent

I don't really care ………... . 3.7  Percent

Wyoming's film more popular now than when first released is Heaven's Gate.

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