If you're one of the ones who ends up with a dozen bites before you even see your first mosquito of the season, while your friends are just fine, you might be one of the 20% of the population that suffers from an unfortunate condition known as: having blood. Or more specifically, Type O blood.

One study has been conducted regarding which types of blood attract more mosquitoes than others. In a double blind test, mosquitoes landed on those with Type O blood types more than twice as often as those with Type A or Type B blood types. It's not even that easy, though, as 85 percent of people may carry a gene that secretes a chemical signal that broadcasts their blood type to the flying menaces, while 15 percent do not.

On top of other factors, you might also be more susceptible if you're active, as those who exercise may be putting a billboard above their head to tell mosquitoes to find them. Mosquitoes can find victims through secreted lactic acid, which is released during physical activity.

Unfortunately, there's no cure for those of us affected with an active lifestyle and Type O blood, except maybe staying indoors and hoping that they can't be found by itch-causing little monsters.

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