Apparently, there's a new "fad" going around of throwing slices of cheese at infants and toddlers, recording the confusion, and posting it on social media. The look of distress in the eyes of the poor little humans is enough to tell you that, maybe you shouldn't be doing it. I guess some people think it's funny to see the look of shock and the seeming inability to comprehend what just happened to them. Those people are wrong.

"cheese challenge,"

There are dissenters out there, thankfully, that say that your children trust you and only ask that you don't mistreat them. I agree. While you might be laughing and saying to yourself, "Debbie, c'mon. It's not like it's abuse." That's true! There are worse things! But when it comes to the mental health of your infant, or future trust issues caused by confusion, were all of those Facebook likes really worth it?

Some commentators are taking this challenge as a sign that "Humanity is Doomed," or that "The internet should never have been invented." What do you think?