Carrie Underwood was the subject of the latest VH1 ‘Behind the Music’ special, and well, she’s more than earned it. The singer has graduated from her role as Season 4 winner of ‘American Idol’ in 2005 to become one of the biggest country stars on the planet. However, things almost went disastrously wrong when she was nearly forced to bow out the competition due to a problem with her hearing.

In the special (quotes via Contact Music), the ‘Blown Away’ singer revealed that something else was blown — her eardrum during rehearsals for the finale!

Underwood and finalist Bo Bice were prepping for the final performance when she was temporarily deafened due to errant earpiece fitting. The pain was so intense that Underwood considered quitting the competition; her career trajectory could have been markedly different.

“We were getting fitted for in-ear molds, and I had an incident with the lady that was doing mine and she managed to hit my ear drum,” Underwood said. “I was like in ridiculous pain, and I couldn’t hear out of one of my ears, like nothing. It was dead … So I just crossed my fingers, hoping I was singing on key.”

We all know how this story turned out, but phew, that was a close one! We’re glad she soldiered on.

In the bonus footage from her interviews, Underwood spoke about her wedding day to hockey player Mike Fisher. She recalled sipping champagne and having girl time with friends and family while getting ready. She shared that her family isn’t comprised of “mushy people, we don’t get in there and start talking about personal things,” but her dad did open up about the day he married her mom, which was a first.

The blonde beauty also revealed what prompted her to become a vegetarian. After experiencing how calves were treated when they were being raised to be slaughtered in her pasture, she was done. She finally understood the “process” that livestock goes through, and being a softy, she quickly removed meat from her diet.

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