In November of last year, Ian Munsick had one of the coolest experience a country music artist could have. He had his first chance to perform at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

When Ian made his Opry debut, the Opry captured the moment on a segment they call 'My Opry Debut'. The night he was on the Opry he turned it into a family affair. Ian not only performed with his dad David Munsick, but his dad was playing his grandfathers fiddle.

Ian and Pop
Grand Ole Opry YouTube

The thrill of being able to play where all of your heroes have played is something that never gets old, but when you experience it for the first time and have your musical influence with

Ian and Pop 2
Grand Ole Opry YouTube

It's really cool that the Opry has been such an institution for nearly 100 years and still giving young artists that same feeling. You can tell from watching the video below, how excited they both were to have this chance. The smile is from ear to ear on both Ian and his dad.

The Munsick family has been an important part of Wyoming country music history and they've secured their spot in Grand Ole Opry music history.

Ian shows how humble and kind he is by saying

It's been amazing, I would not be here without every member of my team. You haven't made it until you've played the Grand Ole Opry. So, it's pretty cool.

ian smile
Grand Ole Opry YouTube

Judging by the smile, Ian's Grand Ole Opry debut isn't a memory he will be forgetting any time soon.

Check out the video that highlights his experience.

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