Chely Wright said “I do” to wife Lauren Blitzer way back on August 20, but apparently, the two have yet to take a honeymoon. The ‘Single White Female’ hitmaker shared with her Twitter followers on Friday, however, that the plans are in place and the pair are ready to take off in search of a little R&R.

“I’m getting super excited for our honeymoon!!! It’s going to be so nice and relaxing. #2weeksOfSunAndFunWith @lulublitzer,” Wright tweeted. While she didn’t let on exactly where she and her wife would be wining and dining, it’s clear they’re headed for warmer weather, and who can blame them?

Wright and her partner were married legally in her aunt’s Connecticut home by both a rabbi and a reverend, as the country star is a Christian and Blitzer is Jewish. It seems as if things are going swimmingly in their marriage so far — Wright also posted the link to a new song, which according to YouTube, was written explicitly for Blitzer.

“I am Yours Forever – a brand new song Chely wrote and has been trying out in her live shows. Enjoy!” someone in the singer’s camp tweeted using her official Twitter page, linking to the video below. The country star sings lovingly in the new tune, “I am yours forever / I am yours forever / I am giving my whole heart to you / I am yours forever / I am yours forever / I am yours forever true.

Watch Chely Wright Perform New Song ‘I Am Yours Forever’

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