A family member of the child who was killed earlier this week says she is appreciative of the community's support during their time of tragedy.

Earlier this week, Ashley Nowlin, 31, and her son Aiden Mullinax, 4, were struck by a vehicle on a crosswalk. Aiden lost his life on impact. Ashley was hospitalized with severe injuries.

A Gofundme page aimed at helping with funeral costs, originally organized by Nowlin's aunt, has been shared throughout the Cheyenne community social media. Nowlin's aunt, Mandy Nowlin, set an initial goal of $5,000, and as of Thursday, it has raised over $9,000.

Mandy told Townsquare Media she was very thankful for the community's support.

We would just like to say how so very appreciative we are of the community, medical staff, police department, etc., have been through this trying time.
The public outpour has been so comforting. We are planning a service likely after the holidays for the community and family.

Services will be conducted by Schrader and if anyone would like to donate, we will be setting up an account with them.

According to a post on the Gofundme page, Ashley is still recovering in the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital. She said Aiden was killed instantly by the impact and did not suffer.

"...he was happy and unaware. And he didn't suffer. That brings me solace," the comment reads.

Ashley Nowlin via Gofundme.com
Ashley Nowlin via Gofundme.com

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