Cheyenne has seen a 35 percent increase in property crimes since 2014, and Police Chief Brian Kozak says Walmart's crime problem "probably caused most of it."

"Between 2010-2014, we actually were doing good with reducing crime," Kozak told City Council members during a recent budget work session.

"Then in 2014, we saw a turn where things started to go the opposite direction," he added.

Kozak says that's when the second Walmart at 580 Livingston Avenue was annexed in.

"Right at that same time we noticed a big spike in property crime and that's because of the larcenies and shopliftings," said Kozak.  "Each Walmart produces probably over 200 to 300 larcenies a year."​

Kozak says Walmart generates more police calls than any other retailer in the capital city.


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