Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak won't be the Chief of Police in his hometown of Duluth, Minnesota.

Kozak, who was one of two finalists for the job, found out yesterday that he didn't get the position.

"I was kind of excited about that opportunity, but at the same time I had mixed feelings about it because I sure didn't want to leave Cheyenne," said Kozak.

Kozak had recently reconnected with his eight brothers and sisters who live in Duluth.

"I was hoping I could live up there in the area where essentially my entire family lives," said Kozak. "So I guess at the end of the day I didn't get the job there, but I kind of feel relieved because either way I was extremely happy however it turned out."

Kozak is the fifth longest serving Cheyenne Police Chief with over six years of service.

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