Cheyenne Urban Forestry officials have completed a plan to deal with the threat of an Emerald Ash Borer [EAB] infestation in the city.

The EAB is an exotic beetle, native to Asia. While the adult beetle does little damage, the developing larvae have killed hundreds of millions of ash trees across the country. They kill trees by feeding off of the inside bark, keeping the tree from getting the water and nutrients it needs to survive.

While the beetle has so far not been found in Cheyenne, it has been identified as nearby as Longmont, Colo. In order to meet the threat, Urban Forestry has devised a plan which includes removing and replacing ash trees on poor health on city property and providing outreach to homeowners and green industry.

The division is also encouraging homeowners to consider replacing unhealthy ash trees either now or at least once the insect is identified in Laramie County. You can read the entire Urban Forestry EAB plan here. A licensed arborist can provide more recommendations for homeowners.

You can find a list of licensed arborists and a homeowner guide for dealing with the EAB here.

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