53% of highway accidents in Wyoming during the Fall season are caused by wildlife, mainly deer, according to Farmers Insurance.

Farmers Insurance says that 36% of their claims during Fall are due to wildlife causing accidents, mainly deer. The state with the highest percentage of animal-caused accidents in the Fall is West Virginia with 69%. Wyoming came in at number eight.

Farmers Insurance Animal Accidents Infographic
Farmers Insurance

The best thing to do when you see wildlife on the road is to stay the course. Most people thinking swerving is the best method, it is actually the worst. You have no idea where that scared animal is going to jump and run off to.

"If you find yourself facing a potential accident with a deer or other animal, do your best to stay the course," Jim Taylor, head of claims customer experience for Farmers Insurance said in a statement. "It may sound counterintuitive but staying the course may be safer for you and other vehicles on the road than swerving at high speeds in an attempt to avoid the animal."

Here are some tips to help with avoiding crashing into wildlife on the highway:

  • Use your high beams- You will see wildlife more often when the sun is rising and setting, high beams will help you see them before they run on the road. Just make sure there aren't other drivers coming the opposite way so you don't blind them.
  • Heed warning signs- There is a reason there are signs saying wildlife crosses here, pay attention.
  • Stick to the middle lane- If it is a more than one-lane highway, stay towards the middle so you have more time to react.
  • Know what to do if an accident happens- If you hit wildlife, pull-over and immediately call the police.
  • Get home safely- Just because your vehicle looks okay doesn't mean it is. You don't need another accident on the way home.


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