The joke goes like this...

Wyoming has two seasons, winter and road construction.

Often the road construction that occurs on our two-lane highways and in town results in looong waits and delays.

While waiting for 5 or even 10 minutes can be inconvenient, or if you have a screaming toddler in your car even a bit's always the construction workers that have my sympathy.

After all, they've usually been working since 6 am to try and beat the heat, pulling 12 hours days one after the other to try and get the job done, and dealing with cranky drivers on top of harsh hot weather conditions.

But, Troy of Mountain Construction didn't let any of that keep him down.

Take a moment and watch this video of him dancing away as he was running traffic control last week.

Obviously the music choice makes this video all the more enjoyable but let's take a moment to look at his dance technique.

He starts out with just a few simple flourishes and dips.

Then he adds a hip thrust or two and a few leg pops.

At around 2:09 is when we get to my favorite part...Troy does "The Cowboy" where he pretends to lasso a truck and then dances his way backward.

If you pay attention to the faces of the people driving past them you can see that it's not only the videographer that is appreciating this free show.

Smiles and waves can be seen on almost everyone's faces, and many of the passengers can be dancing right along with him

It's the little things that end up making a big difference and this video is a perfect example.

It's "just" one man enjoying himself at work, but while doing it he spreads joy to thousands of others who then I am sure will go on to do the same, at least for a little bit.

Thanks Troy, for making road construction season a little bit better for all of us.

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