This kiddo here is the epitome of "cowboy up". Armed with man's best friend, the most complete and authentic cowboy attire ever and an awesome John Deere edition Power Wheels 4X4 truck, this young buck is on a mission.

A semi-recent video posted by the Facebook page, The Dad Break, has gone viral showing a little cowboy taking his puppy on a ride to feed a calf. The video (shown below) has been viewed over 16 million times and shared all over social media.

If I'm being 100% honest, I'm jealous of how well together this kid is at that age. He looks to be somewhere between five and seven, but I didn't know how to peel out that well on my big wheel that young. Nor was I taking my puppy on a road trip to feed baby farm animals.

I've said it before, but it is definitely worth reiterating: teach 'em young!

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