This recipe is very easy and only uses a few dishes. You can also adapt it for most camping situations. 

Serves aprox 4 people


(all of the ingredient amounts are an approximation)

4-5 Medium Russet Potatoes washed and diced (the smaller the dice the less time it will need to cook)

1 Parsnip diced (remember evenly sized pieces cook evenly)

5 Regular Carrots or 1-2 cups Baby Carrots, diced

1/4- 1/2 cups Onion (red, yellow or white whichever is your favorite) diced

3/4 cups Bell Pepper (green, red, yellow or orange your choice or mix and match)

1-2 cups of your favorite cheese I used Extra Sharp White Cheddar

Olive Oil, Margarine or Butter use enough so the items inside will not burn on the grill this needs to cook for almost an hour so don’t be shy.





Season to taste with: Black Pepper, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Chile Powder, Paprika, Sea Salt don’t be shy with the seasoning even if you think it’s way too much. Although, I would not go overboard with the sea salt.  In general the more the better, but with this recipe it’s all up to you!




What you will need:
Tin Foil, Cheese Grater, Peeler, Chef’s Knife, Cutting Board, Large Spoon, and Mixing Bowl




Step 1: Start your grill for charcoal you will want enough cooking heat to last about an hour or so; for a gas grill you will want the heat to be around 350 degrees  Fahrenheit





Step 2: Gather all ingredients wash, dry, peel and dice


Step 3: Mix all ingredients together in mixing bowl, add oil, margarine or butter and all seasonings mix well


Step 4: Spoon the mixture on to the bottom pieces of foil for the “foil packets” try to make them of even size and thickness so they will cook the same




Step 5: Place the tops on the “foil packets” making sure they are secure all the way around so that when you move them around on the grill you won’t lose any of it.


Step 6: Put the packets on the grill and cook till the potatoes are done and soft


Step 7: Remove from grill dish up and Enjoy!

Some ideas for changing it up; you could put some ground beef in the packet, you could use a ranch or taco seasoning mix to spice it up, you don’t have to use parsnips or any of the different vegetables if you dislike them, you can use it as a side dish or even add some portabella’s for a main vegetarian dish.


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