It is a time honored tradition to crack open a bottle of "bubbly," when a celebration is in order. But, much like opening a can of biscuits, the "POP" of the cork is enough to send your heart into your throat. No matter how much you try to anticipate the inevitable, the reaction is usually the same.

Now, here in our part of the world, we are no strangers to horses. Even if you have never been on a horse, chances are you have been around one a time or two. If so, you have probably seen just how wary these critters can be. And you cant blame them for being that way. Regardless of how well they are taken care of or how fancy their saddle may be. At the end of the day they are still instinctively a prey animal. Meaning that any leaf that moves or any strange noise, could be a potential predator. I learned this while on a backcountry elk hunt. My seasonal allergies had caused me to have some explosive sneezes. And every time I let one rip, my horse would try and climb the nearest tree.

So, with that in mind, the cowgirls in the following horseback fail should have known better than to bust open a bottle of champagne while on horse back. As the song says at the end, "if your gonna be dumb you gotta be tough."

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