The comedy tale about surviving community college from the mind of Dan Harmon had a long run with various trials and tribulations, but did you know it takes place a lot closer to home than you might have thought?

In Community, the mediocre college for which the series was named, Greendale, is set in fictional Greendale County, Colorado. You may catch references to the location throughout the show's run, but they never outright say where they are in the world, allowing you to imagine the community college down the road could be the setting of this zany comedy.

Fan believe that Greendale may be a suburb of Denver in this alternate universe, and information sourced from the show's creators includes home towns of each of the main staff. Most of them list Denver, Colorado as their home town, with exceptions for a few in Riverside. However, the heir to the Hawthorne Wipes empire, Pierce Hawthorne, portrayed in the show by Chevy Chase until 2012, is listed as having the home town of Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

While he might not be the most wholesome character to claim as our own, Pierce Hawthorne is a fictional tie from the television show Community to our own Cowboy State.

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