Eric Church brought his 'Holding My Own' Tour through Casper on April 4th and we wanted to know what most people thought of the show / performance?

The show start was delayed an hour and some people went to social media to complain.  Others went online following the show to give praise for a performance well done.

But what about you?  We asked for your opinion of the Eric Church concert wanting to know if you felt like Eric 'mailed it in' or 'took the night off', or if you felt like the performance was indeed a good one?

The results are in and by far, more people enjoyed the show than did not.

41% of those taking our poll really enjoyed or love the show

23% like the show, but didn't think Eric brought his best effort

20% said it as middle of the road or just OK

9% gave 'other' as an opinion and shared comments about the show with us.

8% said that the show sucked

Here are what a few of the comments had to say about the show:


While others wrote:


You can still take our poll below and leave a comment if you'd like as we want to hear your opinion.

Thanks for sharing!

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