This hunt will be the biggest hunt for British scientists in decades, according to KTVQ.

Scientists are coming together from all over the world, some are coming from Manchester University and others are coming from the Natural History Museum in Washington. They are exploring a section of Wyoming desert that is a square-mile. So far, they have discovered dozens of animals and with the potential of over 100 dinosaurs. Some of the discoveries will be brand-new to science.

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) were allowed on the remote location for an in-depth look. The reporter states that some of the biggest dinosaurs ever to walk the earth are right here in the Cowboy State. This project is called 'Mission Jurassic.' The scientists are very optimistic about this dig because when they arrived there were already several pieces of bone sticking up out of the ground.

They found one dinosaur bone already and discovered that it was drowned and crushed underneath a tree trunk, the tree trunk is still preserved today. One dinosaur being discovered already is said to be brand-new to science. The dinosaurs are from the Jurassic Period and are more than 150 million-years-old. They have found plenty of meat-eating/plant-eating dinosaurs, but they have also found dinosaurs that were in the water since this area was once underwater.

The area that is being excavated for the next 20 years is unknown. The scientists do not want anyone coming to disrupt their area or steal any of the fossils.

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