After questions were raised about cultural appropriation in the first movie, Disney's Frozen (2013,) the media conglomerate listened to the feedback and made an effort to include the Sámi people of Norway. The indigenous group of Scandinavia originally found the selective use of Sami culture in the film to be troublesome.

"After finding out that their culture would play an even more significant role in the Frozen sequel, the Sámi parliaments of Norway, Sweden and Finland, along with the Saami Council (a non-governmental organization of the Sámi people), reached out to the movie’s producers to collaborate." -Now Toronto

As the sequel, Frozen II, plays in theatres, keep in mind the indigenous people of Scandinavia and Disney's efforts to include them and respectfully depict their culture on the big screen. Maybe they learned something from Pocahontas after all.

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