So, what’s in the lyrics of a song?  I think in this case it’s not so much the lyrics but who wrote them that was priceless, or in this case, pricey!  Someone shelled out almost $200-thousand dollars for the lyrics that were handwritten by Bruce Springsteen himself, of one of his biggest hits, “Born To Run,” a song that the state of New Jersey really wanted to have as their state song…REALLY?  Have you ever listened to the lyrics to Born To Run?”

…”it’s a death trap, it’s a suicide rap, we aughta get out while we’re young…”  not exactly a reigning endorsement for the state of New Jersey, but it did make me think of state songs. 

Being from Colorado myself, I remember that the Colorado State song was about the Columbine flower, which is also the state flower.  Trust me; the flower is much prettier than the state song!  However, I do remember learning a peppy little song that was also considered our state song, “…if I had a wagon I would GO to Colorado, GO to Colorado, if I had a wagon I would, if I had a wagon I would, go to the place, where a man can walk a mile high…”

Now that I’m in the Cowboy State, I was curious as to what our state song is for the state of Wyoming.  I think every state has a song so I’m sure we must have a song as well.  I know “Ragtime Joe” is the song for our University of Wyoming sports teams, but is that our state song, if not what is it, and better yet, what do you think would be a good song to have that would represent our Cowboy State?

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