It's an epic tale of loss, adoption, and heartbreak.

A story that at last, after six months, has the happy ending we all dreamed of.

A Great Pyrenees Dog had been spotted, along with three puppies, wandering in Utah's Monte Cristo Mountains.

She looked thin and had a worn collar around her neck.

It's a popular grazing area for sheepherders, but even after inquires were put out locally, the dog seemed to have no owner.

She was named "Grace" by the two women who sought to rescue her.

It will be by the grace of God that we try and find her. That’s why we named her Grace, MacLoed said.



Eventually, the three puppies were found and adopted into good homes.

But, Grace refused to go near anyone.

No amount of bribing or setting animal-safe traps could catch her.

Locals spent weeks and weeks searching, but even though Grace was spotted multiple times, she never came near enough for anyone to help her.

A Facebook Page was formed to help try and find the dog, but despite many tips and ideas Winter came and went.

And then, it happened.

This week some locals spotted a dog that looked like Grace in the same area, laying near a herd of sheep.

They notified Shelly (the woman who has taken the lead in finding her) and she and her husband rushed to the area.

They confirmed that the dog was indeed Grace and approached a sheepherder working nearby.

The end result was Grace gong home with Shelly and her husband where she received medical care (she was emaciated and need a good deep cleaning) and is now resting and learning to adjust to her new home.

Isn't that the happy ending we all need right now?

You can read the full story of Shelly's reunification with Grace (written by Shelly for her Facebook followers) here.

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