History is often a little darker then what's shown in most elementary level school books. Enter truTV series, Adam Ruins Everything.

I have seen quite a few episodes of the series before, but never this particular episode, which included a lot of references to Wyoming (a.k.a. The Equality State). It's definitely not new, having originally been posted in December 2016, but it's still worth the watch.

In addition to Colorado and California being named dropped, the Cowboy State was the star of much of the latter half this video, titled: How Prostitutes Settled the Wild West.

It's worth noting that while there is an ample amount of comedic fodder to keep you amused and interested, the show's star, Adam Conover, makes sure to enlighten along the way. Throughout the 5:43 second, whenever Adam shares a neat little tidbit of information, his source pops in the top right corner, like a cool video bibliography.

Most Wyoming residents probably know the majority of this information anyway, it was still worth the watch, if nothing more than for the laughs. There's nothing quite as fun as learning and laughing at the same time.

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