Today is Giving Tuesday, traditionally the day in the post-Thanksgiving shopping week that is reserved for charitable giving or volunteering in your community. The idea is that we spend so much money on getting the perfect Christmas gift on Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday, or Cyber Monday, that giving back to the community and helping support worthy causes should be the next logical step.

In Laramie, we have many great services and organizations that help those in the community, with Interfaith Good-Samaritan being one of the most well-known. Usually the act of giving itself is the reward on Giving Tuesday, but this year, Interfaith is offering something special in return for a donation.

For just a $50 donation to be used in your community, Interfaith will give you a limited edition "Laramigo" hat. Just look how cool these hats are.

Trucker Hats from Interfaith Good-Samaritan,
Trucker Hats from Interfaith Good-Samaritan,

Interfaith says on their website: "About 15 years ago a UW professor named Matt Gray submitted a letter to the editor of the Laramie Daily Boomerang, suggesting that the people of Laramie should identify themselves as “Laramigos”. Matt explains, “I was trying to appeal to solidarity in community and the importance of being good friends and neighbors.” He defined Laramigo as “one who is inspired by Laramie kindness and goodwill to help and support her/his fellow citizen.”

The design is based on the iconic Laramie Mural at 3rd and Clark, designed by June Glasson. Hurry and donate to the great cause of Interfaith Good-Samaritan, know that your contribution will go towards helping the Laramie community and snag yourself one of the coolest hats ever. But remember, they're limited edition and supplies won't last forever, so don't procrastinate!


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