Meet six year old Dorian Layton of Casper, Wyoming.

Dorian was diagnosed with brain cancer at 15 months old.  A recent battle with the illness again forced him to spend Christmas at the Wyoming Medical Center.  Instead of feeling bad for himself, he used his Christmas money to buy gifts for the other patients.  His kindness wasn't limited to the hospital either. Layton has helped raise thousands of dollars to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and purchased treats and toys for the Casper Metro Animal Shelter.

Dorian's tumor has reached a point it has become inoperable and untreatable.  He has written a bucket list of things he wants to accomplish in his lifetime.

My name is Dorian Layton, but my family and friends call me Ninja Dorian. I am a Make-A-Wish kid and I am also a cancer kid. I have a brain tumor, but I am not afraid. Ninjas are BRAVE! One day, I will go to sleep and not wake up, but people shouldn’t be sad about that because Heaven is an alright place. I know the reason I am here. I am supposed to help people be happy and tell them that they shouldn’t be scared.

1. Ride in a speedboat

2. Be in a parade

3. Learn to Ninja fight

4. Learn to Ninja climb

5. Get a skateboard and go skateboarding

6. Go snowboarding

7. Get guitar lessons

8. Meet the Chief of Police

9. Build a snowman

10.Go to the monster truck show with uncle Kenneth and Uncle Bubby and ride in a monster truck

11.Ride on a motorcycle

12.Go for a ride in a police car

13.Learn to be a chef

14.Go to a race car race

15.Milk a cow

16.Go camping with a bonfire

17.Go fishing

18.Go to Jackson Hole and see the biggest mountains in wyoming

19. Go to Yellowstone National Park

20.Go on a sleigh ride at the elk refuge

21.Ride the skilift in Teton Village

22.Eat a real icesicle

23.See a waterfall up close

24.Make a real book

25.Learn to play the drums

26.Go to a real castle

27.Get a wooden ninja sword

28.Be in 4-H with an animal

29.Ride a 4 wheeler

30.Go shooting with Uncle Kevin

31.Make a snow fort

32.Ride in an airplane

33.Go tornado chasing and see a tornado

34.Meet a real superhero

35.Have a real birthday party with a big cake and lots of other kids there.

36.Live in a house wiith my own bedroom instead of this camp trailer

37.Get a husky dog and name it Casper the Ghost. I will take very good care of it

38.Raise $5,000 for Make-A-Wish with Santa Letters. I have raised $1,490.00 so far. So please fill out a Macy’s Santa Letter next Christmas time

39.Have a Smashing Walnuts Event @ the cancer center in Casper

40.Make tissue paper flowers for all cancer kids and the kind people who help us kids

41.March on Washington for cancer kids like me

42.Meet Gabriella Miller’s family in person and give them a big hug.

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