The first stop on her multi-university tour, Adventurer and filmmaker Alison Teal will give a presentation and show films of her adventures from around the world. The event will be held in the University of Wyoming College of Arts and Sciences Auditorium at 6:30 p.m. It is free and open to the public.

For the past eight years, Alison Teal along with photographer Sarah Lee have documented their exposure to different cultures, artifacts and natural wonders. “I’m actually your modern day Indiana Jones as of now,” says Teal. Alison credits or blames her parents as the reason she explores the world.  Alison Teal On Parents

Alison Teal also gets her sense of health and care for the environment from her parents. Both her parents, David Blehert and Deborah Koehn, live healthy and green lifestyles. They even have a truck that runs completely on vegetable oil. Teal is such a believer in living green, that even her trademark pink surfboard is made from recycled Styrofoam coffee cups.  Alison Teal has also never had a hamburger in her life, but she does, however, have a vice.

“Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate! I was definitely meant to live in Wiley Wanka’s Chocolate Factory. I can’t live without dark chocolate,” Teal exclaims.

Alison teal will screen several films tonight, among them are “Lost Island of the Fire Walkers” and “Blue Ducks Station.”

Teal will discuss the films and have a question and answer segment. Alison stated that she wants to stress the importance of exploring and testing one’s limits, but also remaining true to one’s self.

For more information, contact Hailey Hawkes at (307) 723-6117 or

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