If you've got Wyoming pride and want everyone to know it, and also a little extra cash in the bank, you can own some of these ostentatious items! Make them the centerpiece in your man cave, show off a little for your friends on tailgate days, or just hide them away so no one can ever scratch them and damage their insane value. We scoured the internet, and here are five items branded for Wyoming that will cost you a pretty penny to obtain.

While pool tables, especially good ones, can already be pretty pricey to begin with, this branded UW Cowboys pool table will set you back four grand, without even a mention of shipping costs! However, if you've got the cash, it'd look pretty good in the middle of a Pokes-themed man cave.

This one's even on sale! Save 24%, or $719.12 off the original price of $2,876.46. Yeah, you heard me right. Almost $3k for a holder for your remaining money. But then no one will doubt your commitment to the Cowboys every time you flash that stack of cash you carry around.

I can't even find a reason for this one to be so expensive. The artist says it's a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, and then set a nearly $7k price tag on it. What that tells me is that maybe they don't want to sell it at all? Or they at least want a down payment for a car if they're going to get rid of it.

For that special, special Cowgirl that has everything, you can drop $1000 on this beautiful UW Cowboys charm necklace. I think I'd be more afraid of breaking something so expensive if it were me.

Don't worry, if football's not your style, this seller also carries basketball rugs. Never mind that neither of them look like our actual home fields, right? It's all about making the right ambiance in your man cave after all.

Now of course we found a few more expensive Wyoming things online, including an entire business for sale on eBay, a few dinosaur bones, and a lot of Wyoming Jade. If you've got some cash (Or rather, a lot of cash) burning a hole in your wallet, here are some things to spend it on.

Would you buy any of these if you had the cash to spare? Let us know.

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