Different regions tend to have styles and interior design trends that match the culture of the area. In New Mexico, you might find adobe and turquoise featuring heavily, while in the pacific northwest, log cabins and greenery might be more prevalent. So what would you say is the most distinctive interior design features of the Cowboy State?

Joybird put together a list of the most popular interior design themes in each of the 50 states, looking at google Trends data.  The most searched interior design trends in the country were Victorian, Bohemian, and Contemporary.


Colorado currently prefers Industrial interior design, which wouldn't be a surprise if you've taken any trips to Fort Collins recently. Montana is a big fan of Bohemian style. Utah searched Modern Farmhouse most often, and strangely, Idaho's most popular style was "Shabby Chic." 

Wyoming, however, prefers to stay close to its roots, with Western interior design ranking as the top trend, followed by Bohemian Style, and then Victorian furnishings. We'd love to see a mixture of the three. Hippie Cowboy from the Victorian Era, anyone?

Which of the interior design styles do you like best?

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