Laramie, WY Tornado June 6, 2018

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It was a day that will live in Albany County's memory for a long time. Multiple tornadoes touched down near Laramie on the evening of June 6, 2018.
From the National Weather Service:
An isolated supercell thunderstorm developed in central Albany County about 8 miles north of Laramie during the late afternoon on 06/06/18. The storm initially produced a tornado 3 to 4 miles west of Highway 30. The tornado tracked east across Highway 30 and ntensified rapidly moving through mainly open fields. Numerous wooden power poles were snapped along County Road 121, along with several galvanized steel utility poles which were bent 90 degrees at the base. Grass was scoured out of the ground in a wide swath approximately one third of a mile in width near the intersection of County Road 121 and Cattle Drive. This is consistent with an EF-3 tornado. The tornado was observed to continue east up into
the Laramie Range near King Mountain Road for a period of over 45 minutes.
A satellite tornado developed 2 miles to the south of the parent tornado. This tornado damaged treetops and caused significant structural damage to a well-built attached garage, which collapsed as it lifted off the foundation and shifted to the east. The damage to the garage was consistent with an EF-2 tornado. In addition, several nearby structures had minor damage to siding and shingles. The tornado was observed moving through the Antelope Ridge Loop subdivision, 6 miles north of Laramie, and into open country.
As a look back, check out these photos submitted by Y95, Laramie Live and KOWB readers and listeners.

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