The Best Fries in Wyoming Are at a Popular Spot in Laramie
Fries go with anything. Some weirdos who go to Wendy's even dip them in their Frosty. However, that is definitely not where you would go to find the best fries in Wyoming. It just so happens that a local establishment in Laramie is where you find those.
Couple in Laramie Recreates Giant Garfield Snow Sculpture
So what do you do when you get dumped on by a historic snowstorm? One couple in Laramie decided to recreate a giant Garfield snow sculpture. Seems like a viable option. And now the giant Garfield snow sculpture is going viral on social media.
Taco Bell Won’t Stop Bringing Back Food and We’re Here For It
Taco Bell has slowly but surely been bringing back some awesome menu items and then have another coming as well. And no, it's not the Mexican Pizza, which by the way is overrated. All the same, we're all excited that we can soon get this menu item in southeast Wyoming very soon.
Laramie Ranks On List of Best Cities for College Basketball Fans
It is that time of year for the 'Big Dance'. March Madness is here as the college basketball national tournament tips off next Friday (March 19th) and every college town is getting hyped regardless of whether their team makes the tournament. So which of these college towns or cities are th…

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