On the menu tonight, grilled steak marinated in Worcestershire sauce and spices, asparagus with Dijon sauce and sauteed baby portabella's. This is a very easy dinner to just throw together you don't even need a measuring cup or spoon, and it tastes like you worked all day.

About 45 minutes before you want to begin cooking you will need to marinade your steak(s).  On a plate drizzle a


good amount of Worcestershire sauce then place the

steak(s) on the plate flipping to coat both sides.

Proceed by seasoning both sides and rubbing the

seasoning in.  You may use your favorite steak

seasonings I used: coarse ground black pepper,

garlic powder, Montreal steak seasoning, onion  powder and a dash of sea salt.

Then simply cover  and place in the refrigerator until you are ready to grill.  Wash the vegetables, trim the asparagus and get a pot of water for the asparagus and a skillet with melting butter for the mushrooms ready while your waiting.  Start the asparagus in the boiling water right before you light   your grill.

Once your grill is pre-heated, cleaned and oiled lightly with some


olive oil

start your steak(s) rotate on each side to get  a nice

grill pattern flip and repeat until

desired temperature.  When you flip your steaks

begin to sautee the baby portabella's

stirring occasionally.

Bring the steaks off the grill to  rest.  Drain the asparagus, in the same warm pot, melt some butter, add Dijon mustard once that is warm and combined add a bit of  lemon juice to finish add the asparagus and coat.  Remove the sauteed mushrooms from the heat.  That's it! You're all set to dish up and enjoy!


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