Ever needed to get off work and fake an illness? You're not alone! Half the state has done the same thing and over half of employees in the country have too.

A recent survey from Zippia showed that over half of employees from across the country have fake-called in sick. It seems that 52 percent of workers in the nation have done so. As for Wyoming, 50 percent of employees have faked an illness to get out of work. How does that rank with the rest of the nation?

In the survey, it seems that Wyoming tied for 22nd on the list with several states: Oklahoma, Arizona, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Hawaii, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Alaska all showed up at about 50 percent in the survey conducted. Connecticut, New Hampshire, and New Jersey had the most call off work because of a fake illness with almost 70 percent doing so, while Wisconsin had the least playing hooky with just 21 percent.

Of those 'sick days', Mondays were the most popular day of the week to miss and about 33 percent of those playing hooky did so on a day following a holiday. Over half of those (53 percent) faking an illness to miss work phone their employer while just 25 percent send a text. Reasons for fake-calling in sick range from hangovers to break-ups to being attacked by bed bugs.

Of course, if you were to call off work due to illness now, things are a little bit riskier, as your employer may become much more concerned with your actual health and inquire just what type of illness or symptoms you have, or if you've seen a doctor among other subtle inquiries due to the fact that we're in the middle of an ongoing pandemic. So be sure to think your fake-illness through before trying to get that 'sick day' off.

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