The former owner of the Ivy House appears to still have an attachment to the old building. And she wants everyone who walks through the doors to know it. Today we explore the haunted Ivy House in Casper on Haunted 307.

The home was originally built in 1916 by Mr. and Mrs. White, the latter of which was said to be controlling in life, and even more so after passing away in 1995. Tom and Kathy Johnson purchased the home after Mrs. White's passing and said that they didn't believe in ghosts. That opinion swiftly changed.

Mrs. White was not pleased with the renovations happening in her former home, and the Johnsons and their building crew reported strange occurrences throughout the rebuilding. Power drills would stop working, with the plug hanging in midair for the whole room to see, and a hammer simply got up and walked out of the room.

The Ivy House became an Inn for several years, and guests continued to experience paranormal activity in the home, but not just of Mrs. White. Two ghostly cats who may have belonged to the late owner are seen often around the building, as well as at least one male figure who appeared standing above a guest's bed and remarked "Isn't it funny how people get lost?" before disappearing into thin air.

Knocks on the door, strange scents, doorknobs twisting of their own accord, and Mrs. White walking down the hallway and through various walls are just a few of the occurrences in the haunted Ivy House. The building is no longer a Bed and Breakfast, instead being used as a self-help center. Maybe that calming presence will help settle the spirits that still call Ivy House home.

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