For the most part, Millennials get a pretty bad reputation. And no, I'm not just saying that since I'm one of them. But lots of the older generation would like to blame them for certain things that go wrong. They're also often the default generation to be blamed as if there was no one after us (Millennials are born between 1981 and 1996). As it turns out, Wyoming is one of the best states for Millennials to live in.

In a study released earlier this year, Zippia determined that by their analysis, Wyoming is the 4th best state for Millennials to live in. That ranking is based on a few factors such as Millennial unemployment rate, Millennial homeownership rate, average student loan debt, and percentage of Millennials living below the poverty line.

Wyoming seems to be doing well in each of the aforementioned categories. Speaking of doing well, the entire western region is doing well. Of the top 10 states to live in for Millennials, 9 of them are on the western side of the United States (west of the Mississippi River).

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Here's what Zippia had to say about Wyoming and its high ranking on the list:

A true frontier state. The sparsely populated state is a haven for millennials, with high ownership rates, lowest student debt in the nation, and a below average poverty rate.

North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota finished ahead of Wyoming. Perhaps you may see that as us finishing 5th, but it had Iowa and South Dakota in a tie for third and they numbered us forth, so we'll take it. In case you're wondering what the worst states are for Millennials, those would generally be near the coasts. Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia are the five worst states for Millennials. No wonder all the 'Boomers' want to move to the coast.

Cheapest Places to Live in Wyoming

Do you like money? Do you like not like spending it? Well then my friend, I have an internet list for you. Or friends at Homesnacks crunched a bunch of numbers to find the cheapest places in Wyoming to live.

The Homesnacks folks looked at US Census data and the cost of living for the area. "We were especially interested in home and rental prices in places with more than 1,000 residents," they say.

If you like small town living in the natural beauty of the wilds of Wyoming, you'll find plenty of ideas on this list.

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