Investigators think a fire in a barn on Fort Sanders Road on Wednesday morning was likely started by a heat lamp in a barn, according to a news release from the Laramie Fire Department.

According to the release, firefighters were called out at a little after 8 on Wednesday morning on a report of a structure fire in the area of Fort Sanders Road. Besides the Laramie Fire Department, Albany County Fire District#1 and the Albany County Sheriff's Department also responded.

When they got there firefighters found a barn on fire and several other houses and outbuildings that were threatened by the blaze.

But by 8:20 the fire was under control and had not spread to any buildings other than the barn where it had started. Investigators think it started when a heat lamp was placed too close to some combustible items.

The fire department says the incident should remind people not to put heat lamps used to warm animals too close to items that might catch on fire.

The good news in Wednesday's fire is that no one was injured.

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