With St. Patty's Day staring us down and giving us a sign that Spring is just ahead, the website Zippia dug into what the luckiest states in America are. Depending on the results you're about to get, it will tell you whether or not you need to look for that patch of shamrocks and find a four-leaf clover. Here's how they figured out our collective luck.

We decided luck could be broken down into two broad categories: Health and finances.

For finances, we started by looking at the obvious, lottery winnings. It’s hard to get luckier than random numbers and a couple of bucks making you a millionaire. For this, we combined the number of Powerball and Jackpot wins in each state. The more winners, the luckier state. Not all state have lotteries (unlucky them), so states without received the lowest rank.

Of course, everyday financial luck matters too. So we then looked at BLS‘ unemployment numbers and median household salary according to the ACS Census. The lower the unemployment and the higher the salary, the luckier the state.

From there we moved to health. After all, what is money without your health? We first examined average life expectancy according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Of course, it’s hard to be unluckier than dying in an unexpected accident. So we included one of the largest causes of accidental death- car accidents. The greater the number of accidental car deaths per 100,000 according to the IIHS, the unluckier the state.

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Ok, so health and finances, there is some luck to that, I'll go with that. Taking a look around the Cowboy State, Colorado isn't terribly lucky, go ahead and laugh, they came in at #32, Utah is super lucky, coming in at #6, Montana, not so much, they came in at #36 and Nebraska came in at #14.

What about Wyoming? Well, maybe we shouldn't have laughed(as much) at Colorado, we landed right after them at #33. Which, all things considered, we're just slightly in the bottom half. But, hey, we're not Mississippi! They came in last!

Via Zippia
Via Zippia


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