A recent study ranked the loudest and quietest states in the U.S. As it turns out that in Wyoming, you can barely hear us.

Our friends at Zippia did the research to find what states are the loudest and which ones are on the quiet end of the spectrum. They used data from Realtor.com to find the results based on home size, household size, people per square mile (the more people, the more noise), and cars per square mile (the more cars, the more noise). Overall, out of the 50 states, Wyoming is the 49 loudest, which also means we're the 2nd quietest state. Somehow our neighbors up north in Montana beat us out as the quietest state in the U.S.

In terms of the loudest states, New Jersey topped the list, followed by California, Hawaii, Florida, and Illinois. Those states are the noisiest.

So lots of peace and quiet is to be had in Wyoming. It doesn't seem like you'll get many noise complaints here. Unless you happen to be any of my neighbors who may tend to complain about the volume of the music I constantly play at my apartment complex, then there's not much chance you'll get a noise complaint against you.

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