In Casper in 2015, a special reception was held for Wyoming Vietnam Veterans, where Lee Alley, Governor Matt Mead, and Senator John Barasso welcomed the veterans to the event, and PBS was on hand to collect interviews with vets during the three-day celebration.

The range of topics varies, from what it was like when they came home, to what their service was like overseas during the Vietnam War. Dozens of Wyoming veterans lended their stories to the project, and you can watch the whole thing on Wyoming PBS' webpage. 

National Vietnam War Veterans Day is a U.S. Holiday that is observed every year on March 29th. It was first proclaimed as a holiday in 2012, but wouldn't gain official national recognition until 2017, when the 115th Congress signed the recognition act into law. March 29th, 1973 was the last date that US Combat Troops left the Republic of Vietnam, and thus marked the closest thing to the end of the war.

Do you have stories of the Vietnam Era, either your own or those shared to you by family members? Let us know.

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