If you’ve been around Laramie this summer you’ve probably noticed more than just a couple of construction projects. Public works Director Rich Elliot said in a press release that a total of 33 projects will have been completed by the end of the 2012 construction season, compared to what used to be an average of 10-15 projects during any given construction season.

It is all part of an aggressive schedule which began in 2009 for repairing streets, storm sewers, and water and sewer lines throughout the community. City Manager Janine Jordan said it’s a process in which the foundation of the community is basically being rebuilt.

“The degree of deterioration is extensive enough to require large scale reconstruction and full replacement of water, sewer, and storm sewer lines,” said Jordan. “It is impossible for projects of this scale to not inconvenience adjacent neighborhoods and the traveling public, but we’re always trying to minimize the disruption by improving our processes and relationships with contractors.”

In the release the city said that penalties are assessed to the contractor if work extends beyond the substantial completion date. The costs of the 33 projects being worked on this year is $12 million. The city reports that costs for construction and materials typically increase by as much as 6-9% each year, so delaying the projects would reduce the buying power of the tax dollars.

Do you think it’s worth it to be inconvenienced by all of these projects during construction season? Or is it too much at one time? Let us know by answering the survey below.

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