Now, I'm not one to fly out and say a city is rude. I feel like calling a city rude is, well, rude. So, I'm not going to say that I feel this way, because it, in turn, feels rude. I also don't agree with the study that this website did, either. I just found it interesting that they came out the gates as they did.

The website has a travel section and they give you advice on going to different places across the country, and while not outright saying, don't go to this place, they might infer that in different situations. The article I'm referring to is their list of "The Rudest City In Each State".

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Right out the gate, the very first city that they use as an example as the rudest city comes from Wyoming. I immediately felt attacked. The more I read, however, the more my stomach dropped to the floor as they said that Cheyenne is the rudest city in Wyoming.


Yeah, that's what they came up with, the Capitol City is the rudest in Wyoming. Now that feels like a slight. Here's what they said as they described it, and spoiler alert, they didn't dive into it too much. I'm not sure if they didn't have a lot to add, or they felt justified with such short reasoning.

Cheyenne is another example of a place that just doesn't know what to do with outsiders.

They might not be downright rude, but expect some cold shoulders if you're not a Wyoming native.

While most Wyomingites are very much checking to see if you're a "Wyoming native", I wouldn't say that we're outright rude with outsiders. I mean, if that were the case, no one would come to CFD. I've given plenty of suggestions for tourists to check out around town and I feel like most Wyomingites do the same.

I feel attacked.

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