In case you haven't looked at a calendar today, it's Friday the 13th. A lot of people think that coincides with bad luck or perhaps you think it's synonymous with a certain slasher by the name of Jason Voorhees. What do you think Jason would be up to these days? My guess is he's enjoying his time in Wyoming.

That may sound like a crazy theory, but is it? After 2020, Jason probably decided it was time to get out more. He was probably on lockdown in some cabin while he social distanced and plotted out his next move during the pandemic. He's been preparing for Friday the 13th in 2022. Where's the best place he could hide out? Wyoming would be perfect! And here's why...

5 Reasons Why Jason Voorhees Lives in Wyoming

Today is primetime for Jason to be out and about as it is. The weather's getting nicer with Spring in full swing. There are tons of events happening in and around southeast Wyoming this weekend so it's a prime opportunity for Jason to catch his victims off guard. We mentioned that tax break of his. He likely received his tax refund recently and then splurged on some needed equipment, i.e.; an upgraded machete, perhaps a more durable mask, and probably some more modern clothing to keep up with the times.

There it is. While you're out and about enjoying the upcoming weekend, just take caution because there's a pretty good chance Jason Voorhees is loving his life in Wyoming. Hopefully you'll steer clear of him on this Friday the 13th, Wyoming!

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